Street Casual Printed Long Sleeve Trouser Suit

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Customer reviews

9 Reviews

I’ve ordered multiple designs from this company. The fabric is very comfortable and soft and breathable. I love the style. I love the fit and feel. It's so airy, breezy, lightweight, stylish and the prints and patters really make the outfit work, it works for a vacation trip for sure.

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I was shopping online for new things to try and I stumbled across these items. It was delivered on time and product was just as described.And I really liked the fit-size XL, the material was pretty great than what I expected, highly recommend.

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I was a little worried about this walking suit not fitting but it fit me well. I had options, either to button it or wear it open. I wore it opened of course with solid white tshirt.

Purchased 3 of these items in different colors and every one of them exceeded my expectations. For the price I figured they would be just ok, the material was amazingly soft and silky to the touch. Held up very well with minimal wrinkling. Would definitely purchase again, and were packed nicely.

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I really like the design and the colors on this knitwear, they go with many pieces I have. The only issue I have is that the sleeves seem a little too tight. Hopefully they will loosen with wear.

I ordered this because my husband loves knitwear and prefers clothing that is classy. I was quite pleased to find the stitches of this are of fine yarn and are in a close pattern, making it look and feel smooth and refined.

Yaneisi Diaz

This looked fabulous on my fiance. He is 5'10 and weighs 190 lbs and I got the Large in white. He is very fit/muscular and this was very flattering on him. I am purchasing the blue next an extra large for of a roomier fit. This is great for any occasion.

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